The emiBee Project

Here’s a little something about me. My all-time favorite season is Spring. Sure, I love fireworks on the beach, hoodies and PSL’s, and snowy Christmas mornings, but Spring has always been my absolute favorite. When I was little, I’m sure it mostly had to do with my May birthday, but as I get older, I start to realize where my true love for Spring comes from. It comes from the breath of fresh air after the stiff, cold winter drifts away. It is finally being comfortable outside instead of bundling against the harsh winds. Mostly, my favorite part is watching the timeless cycle of nature around us recognizing the new beginnings ahead and peeking their beautiful, colorful faces out to greet the sun. Tiny buds and blossoms on trees, flowers of all shapes and sizes literally brighten the streets and skies.

My emiB branding has always had a bumble bee in there somewhere. This comes from a mixture of my last name starting with a B and a fondness for the nickname ‘Bumblebee’ that I received shortly after getting that new last name. Now, don’t get it twisted; I am NOT a fan of pretty much most bees. Any bee that looks angry or dangerous is up there as one of the top types of insects that make me uncomfortable (high above the rest are spiders, if anyone was wondering.) I even had my logo designer (the amazing Tiffany from ‘On the Spot Studio’) change the look of my bee to be rounded because she originally had the bottom end in a point. No. But I’m totally cool with ROUNDED bees (bumblebees) and their cousin, the honey bee.

What do these two random tidbits have anything to do with photography? More importantly, what does it have to do with MY photography project? I wanted to do something a little different. A little something I can go artsy and have fun with. I wanted to create a little magic and capture the natural, gorgeous world of my spring flowers. I also wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness about our beautiful friend; the bumblebee. For these beautiful flowers (and one THIRD of the world’s food) depends on them for pollination. Bees are in big trouble and the more people know about how important they are for our world, the more we can keep them and our beautiful flowers around for many more generations. So help me spread the word about bees so they can continue to spread the pollen that helps our world go ’round. #TheEmiBeeProject