New Year, New Mix!

Hey guys!
Happy 2018! Happy January! I love a fresh start, so New Years is a favorite of mine. I have a lot of great plans for this year, how about you? Music really helps set the tone for my day and these days, I sit down to work at my computer and I need some fresh, upbeat, motivation to get my goals accomplished.


ENTER: The Goal Getter play list!

Shuffle it up while you GET those GOALS!

Side note.

Please tell me you guys remember decorating mix CDs for yourself and your friends? I basically survived my 20s on sharpie-decorated Mix CDs. I had a mix for each road trip I took, upbeat country jams for the beach, mellow music for studying, classic rock for late nights in the dorms, pop/dance hits for parties in our beach house when we lived in the outer banks, rejuvinating mixes for my drive to work when I was putting in 80 hours a week to pay for my wedding, motivational labor playlists when both of my boys were making their way out into our world, dance mixes when we have mid day dance parties- EVERYTHING. Songs and playlists shape my life. Songs take me back to special memories and feelings and that’s almost as wonderful as what images can do for our memory!
Feel free to follow along on Spotify and add some upbeat jams of your own!!
Let’s DO THIS!



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NEW YEAR - NEW MIX. Getting motivated with my Goal Getter Playlist! 

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