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There is an old Chinese Proverb that is very popular and commonly-used in the adoption community.  It says: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”  The Proverb symbolizes the bond that all adoptive children have with their adoptive parents, even before they meet. I am part of an organization that gives back to adoptive families in my community through photography. Red Thread Sessions offer different options to capture this amazing new chapter including a family portrait session within the first three months of their finalized adoption, a birth session of the child being born into an open adoption or a homecoming session at the airport to capture the family’s first moments all together! Adoption has touched my family, so volunteering my time for such an amazing cause is definitely a work of heart for me.

This was such a fun experience for me because I am usually a perfectionist and like to have most of the variables of my portrait sessions set up the same way for every session, that way I know exactly how to create the sweet portraits everyone loves! But there is something to be said for jumping into a real life experience in a new place to capture as the raw and magical moments happening in real time.

I had the absolute honor of being at the airport on Thursday evening to greet Vivianne arriving from China and capturing her becoming the newest family member in the Lamont family! She is their first little lady with three handsome big brothers to chase around. Even after a 15 hour flight from China (not to mention customs and becoming a US. Citizen!) Vivi was in such a good mood! Helen was away for two weeks without her boys, so they were all so excited to see each other again too. It was just a big, exciting homecoming for everyone! I hope you enjoy the beautiful beginning to Vivi’s new story!


Welcome Home Vivianne!!



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  • ChristieMarch 29, 2017 - 5:16 am

    Such great pictures!! ReplyCancel

  • MargaretMarch 28, 2017 - 7:30 pm

    Thank you for these wonderful images. They’re just beautiful. ReplyCancel

  • DebMarch 28, 2017 - 5:13 pm

    Simply beautiful.  All of them!ReplyCancel

I have been a friend of Rach’s for a while now, ever since we were both married within a week of each other (7 and a half years ago!) and our first babies were born weeks apart from one another. I adore her and her beautiful family and I have considered it such a gift to be able to capture it growing from just sweet little Audrey, to Belle’s Christmas-y maternity session and now adding their little twin sisters!! It hardly feels like work and my cheeks are usually sore from smiling and laughing with them, even later with Rach while I was editing,  I messaged her saying how much I was obsessed with SO many of these images and they aren’t even my kids! LOL. I hope you love these precious images as much I do!


I mean. Seriously. They make my job SO easy.


These girls are sooo loved.


Rach has always loved wrapping her babies and she can even wear the twins at the same time! She is super amazing.


Belle’s turn to get wrapped up for a walk! I’m sure she was close to taking a nap in there she was so cozy.


I love when babies snack on their toes- now double the cuteness!!
I seriously can’t handle these girls. SO. Lovely.

I love every session more and more.


We were already chatting about the twinsies’s FIRST birthday in the summer! I can’t wait!


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  • Diane BeckerMarch 1, 2017 - 5:07 pm

    I am totally speechless.  Such beautiful work with such beautiful subjects.ReplyCancel

    • emibphotography@gmail.comMarch 2, 2017 - 8:32 am

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy to share with everyone, I’m glad you love them!ReplyCancel

I LOVE seeing my families back again, especially when I get to meet the beautiful baby that was cozy inside the belly I photographed. This family continues to be the most awesome family ever. I met sleepy baby David (who smelled amazing by the way guys, when did my own baby get so BIG- ah!) who is boy number 3, but I think he’ll fit right in being as sweet as his big brothers! I hardly saw his eyes the whole time we hung out, but I did get a peek that they were the same gorgeous blue that the rest of his family shares! Get ready to swoon over some amazingly squishy cheeks, guys.


I can’t wait to watch you grow, little guy!

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So I’m a little obsessed with ballet and the amazing poses ballerinas can get themselves into. And since my lovely friend Leah has been dancing basically since she’s been walking, we decided to go out one summer night and make some BEAUTIFUL art. It makes my soul SO happy to shoot for fun. 23blog1514blog210136blog312


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Jesse and I were invited to a cookie baking play date in the beginning of December, so I brought my camera to catch some of the holiday magic. I want everyone to meet the absolutely adorable and brilliant little Audrey.
She was showing me all of the ornaments she painted for her play room tree.
Her beautiful mama Rach was a perfect host and baker and her house was just stunning in every way. She and Audrey started off with chocolate cookies rolled in sugar!
And then my sweet Jesse got in on it. Look how cute they are together!
Roll a cookie, take a dip in the sugar, roll a cookie…
We can all probably tell which part of baking is Jesse’s favorite…
We put those bad boys in the oven and the littles helped them self to some more powdered sugar.
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this sweet thing. Can’t you just feel the magic?

I hope everyone had a safe and cozy holiday season! We sure did! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

Speaking of 2014, I ordered my new planner and I think that’s cause for a big sale! $50 off any session that is booked before my planner arrives! Book any date in 2014! The more sessions I book, the more prizes everyone wins! (See my facebook page for more information) e-mail me to book today!

Coffee: I’m going back to a classic, the caramel macchiato, but I like to add a pump of hazelnut to my vanilla, just to spice it up a little.

Music: I got tickets to see Walk Off The Earth next month and I am so stoked! We looked up who the opening act would be and I realized I knew their music too, so I am listening to Parachute today.

Leave some love,


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  • RachelJanuary 14, 2014 - 2:53 am

    Aw this is just presh! Can’t wait to have you guys over again! This month has been crazy so far, but hopefully soon we will have a quiet weekend that works!!!:)ReplyCancel

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