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I feel like I say this about all of my sessions, but I think sitter sessions are my favorite! Theres that nice little sweet spot in growing up where they are still a squishy baby, but they aren’t just a chipotle burrito newborn. They can sit up and their little personalities start to really shine, but, here’s the best part, they can’t RUN away from you yet! LOL! Avery was a DOLL and I couldn’t stop staring into her big beautiful eyes. You know how I am about eyelashes. Girl was slaying. Nothing tops her pony tail though, guys. It might be because I have two boys and can’t play around with their hair too much, but I am obsessed with Avery’s pony tail. I was telling her she was like a perfect and beautiful pineapple.


We sang and made animal noises (favorite passtimes of most 6 month olds if you didn’t know) and basically had a super fun time. If you haven’t had your had your CUTE fix today, you’re welcome, because here it comes!


Stay sweet, Avery!!


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I love meeting new clients, especially when we have such a good time chatting before our session! Jamie’s mama, Akelah, and I gushed over our plans for Jamie’s cake smash session for over a month. She’s my kinda lady because we were sending emojis and gifs all over the place in our conversation. I love it! So I knew we were going to hit it off right away, and we definitely did! I introduced myself to Jamie and she quickly jumped into my arms! Instant BFFs! Not only did we giggle over me trying to eat her toes, but Jamie and I were jamming to Usher when we needed some inspiration. Because Usher is ALWAYS good for inspiration 😉 Although, as far as actually smashing her cake, she would rather have stayed clean and dry. One look at her icing covered hand and she was outta there! I promised her as she was getting cleaned up, that the next time we hung out for a family session later in the year, we could stay mess free (and of course, listen to more Usher!)

I hope you’re ready to smile a ton while you’re looking through these. My cheeks hurt already!


















I can’t wait to see you again, Jamie!

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Let me just say, I love planning cake smashes. I looove a good party theme. And I LOVED when Cora’s mom sent me a picture of the tutu she bought for our session. I definitely squealed. I immediately had the rest of the session planned out- backgrounds, banners, cake design, colors, balloons… I couldn’t wait! Cora probably had my CLEANEST cake smash session to date, but that’s pretty fitting for her golden, princess themed smash! And you might need a life vest when looking at Cora because you’ll probably fall in to the ocean of her amazing blue eyes. Enjoy little miss cutie, Cora!



Happy Birthday Cora!!


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  • Jessica McKlveenMarch 8, 2017 - 5:41 pm

    I absolutely love all of these pictures! Thank you so much for this! You’re definitely our new ‘go-to’ photographer! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • emibphotography@gmail.comMarch 8, 2017 - 5:53 pm

      Oh my gosh, thank YOU guys. I had such a great time! <3 I LOVE watching my little clients grow. I can’t wait to have you back again!ReplyCancel

You read about his birth story last week and just like that he’s ONE. It kind of feels like it’s only been a week since Zac was born. Since we don’t plan to be out numbered, he is our last baby so I’ve been trying to soak up every detail. I would smell his soft head so much to try to remember that perfect new baby smell, I hold him for an extra minute before putting him down to bed in his crib, and no matter what I do, he just keeps growing (the nerve….LOL!) So here we are, with a one year old (and a 5 year old that needs his own session soon!) who are as different as night and day. Jesse is my calm, cautious, day dreamer and Zac is my energetic go-getter. I had no worries about his ability to destroy this cake, but I wasn’t too sure how much he would actually like EATING it. Even from his first days of food tasting, he never really enjoyed sweeter flavors. Bananas are about as sweet as gets. Anything with pears or apples… and forget about cinnamon! Raspeberrys and icky faces is all you’ll get from Zac. He was an all vegetables all the time kind of guy (though he is now slowly warming up to fruits.)  Matt enjoys unsweet tea and I have no doubts Zac will follow along in his footsteps. See for yourself how Zac vs. Cake went down:

Oh wait- first! I’m a sucker for side by sides, so here is newborn baby Zac next to Birthday Zac.


6lbs, 12oz; 19″ long vs 20lbs, 2oz; 28″ long! wow.


And we set up a little reenactment of Jesse’s cake smash from November 2012!

Ok now onto Zac’s session:


A little too sweet?


It’s interesting because he has sucked on a lemon slice or two at restaurants without flinching at all!


But a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting? ALL of the icky faces. Haha!


It was definitely smashed though!


Lashes. For. DAYS.


I’d call that a success! Try to slow down with that growing a little bit, ok bud?blogsig

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After a ton of family sessions over the fall months, it’s so refreshing to get back into studio sessions when the weather turns cold. I get to sit in my warm studio filled with tons of winter light and I still get to capture amazing little moments. Mom and I planned out a few different outfits for Anna to model for us and we basically just hung out and laughed together watching Anna stare at us and joking that she needed a pantsuit because she was being all business. LOL! No matter what though, Anna is such a little beauty (and we actually got a ton of smiles, but it didn’t feel like it for a stretch there.) Six month sitter sessions are some of my FAVES.

1217191514161I love sneaking in family moments in 6 month sessions while they’re still tiny and squishy.

And you guys KNOW I saw this quilt, immediately instagramed it and had to get it in a shot with Anna.


Anna’s grandma got her this beautiful Japanese outfit in honor of her heritage! I LOVE IT.

And since it’s December, some Christmas fun!!


I had such a fun time with this family, I can’t wait to see them again!

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  • ErikoDecember 20, 2016 - 10:25 pm

    Emily, the pictures came out so beautifully! I love how you captured the love and joy of our family and the personality of our little Anna. Thank you for such an amazing session – and for trying so hard to get her to smile :). We had an amazing time!ReplyCancel

    • emibphotography@gmail.comDecember 22, 2016 - 8:01 am

      Thank you so much Eriko! I had a blast with you guys. Anna was such a sweetie and all of your smiles are so contagious! I can’t wait to see you all again. 🙂 ReplyCancel

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