A Day In The Life of emiB | 2016

Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these in a while. I think the last time I posted a Day In The Life post, Jesse was like not even 2. Let’s travel back real quick:


Oh mygoshhh my heart.

Ok anyway! So since then, my day has changed quite a bit. I think that if you’re going to hire someone for something personal like photography, it should be someone you (and your family) feel comfortable and happy with. So I’d like you to come along with me on a normal (as normal as a life with two kiddos can get, anyway) day so you can see who I am and what I do outside of being the lady who takes your pictures.

I start off my day waking up to this beautiful face.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. He almost always wakes up with a smile on his face. Most of the time Matt has already kissed me goodbye and headed to work.


We  go in to Jesse’s (newly redecorated Jungle) room and usually Zac takes responsibility for waking him up. Can you tell my kid is trained to smile at the camera….? I had to tell him all day to stop smiling at the camera! Who else loves Jesse’s leaf canopy?


Jesse has had this tag blanket since he was a baby and it tugs at my heart to think he will sleep just fine without Blanket one day.

LOL just kidding….. sort of. Coffee is definitely helpful to making mornings run smoothly around here. This is the emiB coffee bar that you get to take advantage of if you come for an in studio session!

It’s so beautiful… (PSA: These creamers are out for guests, but I use the crazy flavored creamers usually- which I am happy to share with you as well! This week it’s Toffee Chocolate Caramel or something.)


Jesse gets ready for preschool, but please know, he would spend ALL. DAY. in front of the bathroom mirror if I let him.

I definitely don’t get a chance to shower before drop off, so I am always rocking the messy bun and sometimes my lovely Strawberry Revolution tie back. So I can turn crazy hair into something way more stylish.


Ugh, it’s getting cold, so it takes an extra 5 minutes to bundle everyone up. But off we go to school!

If I’m lucky, Zac falls asleep on the way home (a 5 minute drive…hah) if not and I really need a shower, this happens.
Moms, don’t pretend like you haven’t put your kids in something they hopefully can’t escape from in a 5 minute period of time so you can take a shower. Amiright guys? And all that mess was what was keeping my messy bun together… and my fitbit that is water resistant, but I still don’t like taking it into the shower. LOL.

Once I get a shower, it’s time to get some work done!


This is the 3-4 hours of my day that I get to spend editing, snacking, watching webinars, posting blogs, answering emails, eating lunch and getting snuggles in with Zac. That last one is never hard to do, since most of the time he either wants to sit with me (aka, hit and knock over everything on my desk) or he falls asleep on me. Safe to say I have mastered the art of one-handed editing.


Zac wakes up from his nap and we go pick up Jesse from school!


I try to find LOVE in all things. Like even though my condo association has been totally slacking on repainting… lol, there is a little heart here that reminds me to smile and spread love every day.


Jesse gets home and today he was excited to work on his piano lesson homework.


Zac’s favorite thing right now is Jesse’s lego table. Mostly just throwing the blocks everywhere. This is about when I make my afternoon cup of coffee… no correlation… (just kidding, they are directly related.)


At some point, Zac needs his afternoon nap and I get to spend time with Jesse. Usually it’s something screen time related, we play this monster game thing on our phone/ipad or we watch an episode of something (this week we are into the Kid’s Baking Championship on netflix) or we do an art project. He got a fashion design book for his birthday, so we’ve been doing some designing. This is also when I might sneak away to answer another email or edit a little more if I’m on a time crunch.


Zac wakes up and we play some more, I try to get dinner ready or do my 15-minute tidy up before Matt gets home so it doesn’t look like a total disaster when he walks in.


The REAL best part of the day:


Dada’s home!


Matt gets home and relaxes, we have dinner and play around a bit afterwords until it’s time for bed. I ask Jesse what his favorite part of today was and we talk a little. He has been in the habit lately of asking for one more hug and kiss almost as I walk out the door. And as much as I feel that tired sigh when I can taste that post-bedtime freedom and it gets snatched away, I never ever ever say no to one more hug and kiss because one day he will think I’m gross and I’ll be the one begging for one more hug and kiss. Cue sobbing over Jesse turning 5 on Monday.


Matt and I snack or indulge in desserts I don’t want to share with the kids (like left over cupcakes from Jesse’s birthday) while we catch up on all the shows we watch together. Sometimes I get more editing done during the boring shows… LOL.

So that’s my day in a nutshell! Thanks for coming along. Follow me on your favorite social medias to keep up with the latest!


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  • DebDecember 1, 2016 - 1:02 pm

    I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to cry, but this was really sweet!  I secretly sometimes wish I was you xoReplyCancel

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